Download CreaPrim - turning active object into primitive

For Blender 2.80 and up.


CreaPrim does what it says.    I takes the active object and turns it into an Add Mesh addon.    When you
enable this, your custom object will be added to the Add->Mesh menu.


Go to User Preferences->Addons and enable the CreaPrim addon in the Object section.
First select your object or objects.  The addon will show up in the 3dview properties panel.   
The name (in panel) will be set to the active object name.  Select "Apply transform" if you
want transforms to be applied to the selected objects.  Modifiers will taken into account.
You can always change this. Just hit the button and the selected
objects will be saved in your addons folder as an Add Mesh addon with the name
"" with XXXX being your object name.  The addon will show up in User
Preferences->Addons in the Add Mesh section. 
Enable this addon et voila, your new custom primitive will now show up in the Add Mesh menu.

REMARK - dont need to be admin anymore - saves to user scripts dir
ALSO - dont forget to Apply rotation and scale to have your object show up correctly