Download FPSFly - FPS viewport navigation - new version needs Blender SVN r59905+  (rightclick -> Save As)

Download FPSFly - FPS viewport navigation - old version  (rightclick -> Save As)
Documentation is for new version, youll know what youre missing out on!


The FPSFly addon facilitates a 3d view navigation mode using WASD + mouse for
movement like in an FPS game.


First go to User Preferences->Addons and enable the FPSFly addon in the 3d View category.
Press CTRL+SHIFT+F to enter navigation mode.  Click CTRL+SHIFT+F again or ESC to exit.
Also in N-panel is an on/off toggle.  Works in EditMode and Object Mode.
Use WASD (or ZQSD on Azerty) during navigation to move left/right forward/backward and mouse to look in
a certain direction (default RIGHTMOUSE needs to be kept pressed to do mouselook.
Also added EQ/EA for moving up/down.  update: now also X and V for down and SPACEBAR for up.
Use mousewheel to adjust speed.
Keep SHIFT pressed to run.
Check "Walkmode" to switch from fly to walk mode; youll always be at a fixed distance above one or
all objects; two options: "All", youll be walking on any object under you, or "Drop": youll drop down
and the first object you hit will be your ground object.
Teleport feature: point crosshair at any object, including ground and youll be teleported to the spot
you were pointing at.
Choose a ground object in the pulldown menu (Npanel) before entering nav mode
to use walkmode; in walkmode you are always at the same distance above the chosen
ground object, you can change this distance during nav by using Up/Down controls.
Press F during navigation to switch between walk and fly mode.

Only works in perspective mode!

Go to FPSFly Addon Preferences (UserPreferences->Addons->3D View->FPSFly and click arrow next to it) to change options :
Active/Passive mode :  always mouselook (passive=off) or when RIGHTMOUSE pressed (active=on).
Height : the default height above ground when using ground object.
Teleport distance :  how close to the object youre teleported.
Scene scale :  sets multiplier for Distance and Teleport Distance
Navigation speed :  set flying speed.
Keyboard layout :  choose QWERTY or AZERTY.
Mouse sensitivity.
Mirror Y : opposite Y direction.
Key bindings: Set up to three keys/buttons for each control.