!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this script is for Blender old versions pro 2.5 only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Download KnifePro 1.02 - more advanced alternative for Blender's Knife tool.

EWOCprojects paleajed@gmail.com

Replacement for Blender's built-in knife tool. It enables the user to cut exactly through existing vertices and since you select the cutting points on the edge itself, is more precise. It gives instant feedback on the precise location of the new edges. One can also cut through an already existing cut that was made in the same operation.

Documentation Unzip the package into the main Blender scripts directory (it is important to know this differs from the user definable dir). After invoking the script, click in either 3D window to select it for working with, if only one 3D window is being used, don't bother selecting it, just get straight to the cutting table..
The script first has to calculate a reference database of specific mesh information. This can take some time on large meshes and/or slow machines.
Now, how to perform the magical housewife-division operation:
Move the mouse cursor over the starting edge, it will become orange, and depress left mouse button to place the first vertice. If you want, you can hold down the left mouse button to slide the vert location (visualized by a small box) along the edge it is on. When you move beyond the limits of the edge, the box will stop at the end-point, changing colour to red signaling that the vertice you are positioning will be molded into one with the endpoint of the edge it is travelling along. Release the mouse button when you are satisfied. When you move the mouse cursor over to another edge, you can re-iniciate this process.
Use the DEL key to undo one cutting step at a time.
It is possible to chop up one or more edges at the same time with just one decisive cut of this enchanted blade.

(Note: it is possible to use the new edge construction lines you have drawn to place new verts on.)

Press right mouse button during operation to cancel.
Press RETURN or Left-click on the very same edge you placed the last vert on, to finalize the cutting operation.

UNDO: this script only does one mesh operation at the end of the cut; this means you can undo the operation using Ctrl-Z afterwards.
UPDATE: KnifePro does now work in perspective mode also.
BEWARE: KnifePro, like every other plugin that changes the mesh, will decompose all FGons in the mesh!