Blender 3.0 update available:   Download LWOExport for 3.0

Blender 2.8 update available:   Download LWOExport for 2.8

Download LWOExport - exporter for the LightWave .lwo file format 


LWOExport does what it says.    I exports mesh objects in the .lwo Lightwave format.    When you
enable this addon, an option is added to the File->Export menu.
It supports meshes, materials, uvs, vertex colors, weights and shapekeys(endomorphs).
Textures are not saved in the file, but referenced by relative filename.


Go to User Preferences->Addons and enable the LWOExport addon in the Import/Export section.
Select one or more mesh objects and choose File->Export->LightWave(.lwo)
A file requester will appear with some export options. 
Triangulation, remove doubles, recalculate normals, apply scale/rotation/location all do what they say.
"Scale" enables you to set  an extra scaling factor for the meshes.
"Batch Export" will save every selected object in a separate .lwo file (with object name as file name).
Without batch export all selected meshes are saved together in one .lwo file.

REMARK - dont need to be admin anymore - saves to user scripts dir
ALSO - dont forget to Apply rotation and scale to have your object show up correctly