Content drag and drop:
Rearrange layers in stack.
Move clips or layer clips (with control and effect settings bundled) between clip queue,
layers and media bins.
Save, open, move to/from media bin: layer files, complete deck (A or B) files and complete mix
files (both decks together).
Scrapbook media bins allow visually arranging media on thumbnail grids in an unlimited number of named bins.
Scenes allow four different layer stacks running together on deck level of which only one is active.
Allows using either a preview system or direct live interaction with possibility to copy streams between the two modes.
Unlimited number of layers.
Unlimited number of effects per layer.
38 different effects, all GPU.
VIDVOX hap codec support(GPU decompression).
Supports video resolutions up to
maximum GPU texture resolution.
Local crossfade between every
layer with previous layers.
Dry/wet slider between effect and original.
Wipes (10 types) can be inserted locally (as a blend mode) as a composition aid (wipe position slider controlled) or as A to B wipe (crossfader controlled).
4 Main MIDI control decks can be set up to quickly change how main controls (speed, opacity, scratching, play/stop...) are changed on layer or deck level.
MIDI learning for effect parameters.
No tiny GUI elements, allowing for touchscreen control.
Simple loopstation for recording and looping parameter changes.
Each layer has a clip queue.
Supports videos with audio (preliminary support).
Supports live video inputs like webcams.
Easy on-monitor clip scaling and panning.
Every output can be wired to an external display.
Recording of main output to disk (MJPEG video).
Relative scaling GUI, bigger screen means bigger GUI elements.
EWOCvj 2 (Eyes Wide Open Creation) and its slightly awkward predecessor are open source free VJ performance software packages for Windows 64-bit, the newer being an all new singing and dancing C++ approach to modern VJing. 
This is its first test (!) release, and this site is here to draw your interest.  Not only am I looking for VJ users worldwide to test the program, comment on the features, propose possible new features and send in bug reports, I am from now on also on the lookout for like-minded developers who would like to collaborate on this video mixer to make it shine even more!  For the moment this will all be through my email address, but in the (near?) future a user forum could be set up, if interest in the program starts growing (and lets hope so).
The app is far from finished but it IS already very useable, which means it already offers a certain VJ gig functionality (although not stability).  What I would like it to become would be an entirely node driven application, programmable and all...  What there is now is much more simple and basic.

Take a look around the site!