Download GreaseParticles: drawing particles with grease pencil


GreaseParticles - greasepencil draw with particles.


First go to User Preferences->Addons and enable the GreaseParticles addon in the Paint category.
Enable and GreaseParticles shows up in the 3Dview properties panel.     Click activate to activate,
click deactivate to stop.
When activated greasepencil strokes will be converted in curves and these in meshes automatically.
You can find these meshcurves as sibling of the GPLAYERNAME_empty object, which is itself a child
of the active object.
When drawing the first stroke on a fresh greasepencil layer, the addon will generate a ParticleSettings
datablock with standard settings: emit from Verts, number particles: 2000, start frame: -2.
You should adapt this ParticleSettings object to suit your drawing needs. Of course you can first
create a ParticleSettings object yourself with the same name as the greasepencil layer
you are drawing on.     When "Emit from" is set to Faces, GreaseParticles will close the curve of every
stroke, creating one face per stroke.
With the "Approximation" setting one can set the approximation error distance of the
simplification of the curves in Blender Units, so this setting will depend on the size of your object.
Set to zero to have loads of vertices to emit particles from, set higher to have less verts.
Dont set too low when using "Emit from Faces", because theres a limit in vertices per face, you
could end up with a partial face...
When drawing polylines, they will be approximated into curves, except when you set Approximation to 0.
At the end of each stroke particles will be created.