Download MeshSymm - selecting and constructing of mesh elements with n-point symmetry


The MeshSymm addon enables selecting and constructing of mesh elements with n-point symmetry.
(maybe "symmetry" is not the correct term here, correct me when Im wrong...)


First go to User Preferences->Addons and enable the MeshSymm addon in the Mesh category.
Activate it (button in the Mesh Tools panel).

Click "Start MeshSymm" at the bottom of the Mesh Tools area.

MeshSymm overrides standard viewport behaviour, it is made to center on the 3D cursor constantly,
this way symmetry is always built around a center point.  (When rotating the view, small corrections
will be made cause Blender doesnt rotate exactly around the view center.)  This behaviour could
change in the future, dont hesitate to propose other systems!

Once started, the Mesh Tool panels shows some options: first the number of points ("# points")...
It allows you to choose the number of points used on a circle around the 3Dcursor center.  The
points are visualized through a number of small lightblue circles around the center.

Then theres the "Select" and "Construct" tick boxes allow to toggle on/off the symmetrical mesh
constructing and/or the symmetrical mesh selection.

Selection :  when toggled on, when rightclicking/border/circle selecting, the addon will look
if theres any mesh element on the symmetrical positions around the center and will select them.
Right-clicking again will deselect all symmetrical elements.  When looking for symmetrical
elements, the addon will select everything within the "Tolerance" distance set in the panel.
Whenever you want to select normally again, just uncheck "Select".

Construction :  when constructing using Ctrl-Shift-leftclick (BEWARE Ctrl-leftclick doesnt work
with symmetry at the moment, because it deforms the mesh such that symmetry is not always
possible...) or constructing using Fkey / bevelling with Ctrl-Shift-Bkey / Ekey, the addon will
symmetrize the newly constructed mesh elements.  More work can be done here, let me know
which construction shortcut functions you would like to see symmetrized!
BEWARE only construction using hotkeys works, menu selections will be ignored.
Whenever you want to construct normally again, just uncheck "Construct".

Click "Stop MeshSymm" to restore Blender to normal behaviour.