Download RotView - set fixed view rotation values

Only for Blender 2.8x


The RotView addon serves the purpose of setting fixed rotation values for each of the
right/left/front/back/top/bottom views.


First go to User Preferences->Addons and enable the RotView addon in the 3D View category.
To change the rotation in realtime first press one of the numerical keypad
view shortcuts to switch into a view and set the rotation
value with the slider (doubleclick for keyboard input) or use the <-90 and 90-> buttons to
switch to the next multiple of 90 degrees value.  Button 0 goes back to zero rotation.
The rotation value of each of the views will be remembered when switching into it again from
the numerical keypad.

REMARK - when first enabling the addon, when in an affected view already, rotation will not work.
         Enable the view again with numerical keypad shortcut.
REMARK - will not work when switching view through the View menu