E.yes W.ide O.pen C.reation
3D character development or just 3D conception of characters.  I am available for work on a very diverse array of characters: humanoids, animals, monsters.  Any kind of creature, really.

I can work
from concept provided by the customer, but the main strength of my work is that I have the creative inclination to work on concepts myself, realising them in 3D as I go along.  Maybe a bit slower than by drawing, but in 3D straight away and the jobs of two persons united in one, which brings certain advantages to the process.

I work in
Blender and do some texturing work also, if required, in Substance Designer and Painter.

If needed characters can be rigged and animated, but that's not my main focus of work.

By going here you can scan through
my character portfolio, of which most designs are also available for purchase: the matter of rights can be discussed by email.
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